A new emerging technology for signage and advertising are LED (light emitting diode) Channel Letters. These displays are also sometimes known as an LED Marquee. An exclusive type of this display is now being offered by MINLED as its own brand. LED channel letters have a number of advantages and positive traits over strictly neon illumination displays. Some of these benefits are listed below.

Foremost, these type of LED channel displays have a significantly greater durability when compared to the neon alternatives. The LED models are more shock resistant and are impacted less by vibrations and jarring. Because of this rigidity they break less during shipping, installation and general maintenance. This saves you, the customer, money and worry and helps any added investment pay for itself.

If your sign is going to be used locally, or somewhere with extremely cold winters, you will be happy to know that LED channel letter displays work excellent in cold weather. Neon on the other hand has drawbacks when used in very cold weather and can result in them not being bright enough or emit enough light to make them worth their costs.

Lastly the amount of voltage needed for an LED channel letter display is quite a bit lower than neon signs. This allows them to use a lower voltage transformer and as such ground fault protection is not often necessary with these display as it always is with neon signage.

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