Welcome to Minled Signs – one of the top leading sign company in Calgary for your business signage needs. For your convenience, we have developed a sign builder tool. With the help of this tool you will be able to create a sample sign or light box template. After creating your sign box, you can send us the final image and also print a copy for you.

Step 1: Select a building image or upload your building photo using the browse button

Step 2: Write the main text for the channel letter signs on the “Sign Text 1” text field; Select a color, font and change the font size which is equivalent to your led sign height in inches; Adjust the position vertically or horizontally as you want. If you need a second signage beneath your main, write it on the “Sign Text 2” text field.

Step 3: Select shadow (return color) for the first and second lines. That’s all. Now you can Request a quote. Your image and message will be send. We will respond you as quick as possible. You also can save the created image.